5 Most beautiful beaches in Bali

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Hope you are all doing well! In today’s blog we will give you our list of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. Because a trip to Bali has topped many a bucket list. As one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands of Indonesia, it’s easy to see why. You’ve probably seen photos of those insanely gorgeous beaches. We’re talking light blue water so warm you want to bathe in it, and soft, white sand where you can walk perfectly with your bare feet! 

But that’s not all! It’s perfect for those who love water sports, because of the spectacular coast that attracts divers and surfers from across the globe. It’s also a good place for a family vacation, with a lot of luxurious beach resorts and a fun water park to keep everyone happily entertained. 😉

Now we can understand that it can be hard deciding which of the beaches you like to visit. So that’s why we have narrowed down the options with our list of the 5 most beautiful beaches in Bali.

1. Dreamland Beach – Uluwatu

Dreamland Beach is one of many stunning beach along the coastline in the Bukit, South Bali. It has been popular among tourists for many years because of the limestone cliffs, golden sands, and turquoise water. Especially the people who love surfing are in the right place here. 


2. Kelingking Beach – Nusa Penida

This is the most famous highlight of Nusa Penida. It should be on your Bali itinerary as it looks like a T-Rex head from above. From the vantage point you look out over the limestone formations, the ocean and Kelingking Beach. The walk to this beach is tough and perhaps the hardest to reach the beach in all of Bali. But it’s all worth it! You will be rewarded at the bottom with a beautiful beach. If you don’t feel comfortable going all the way to the beach, walk down the stairs halfway. There you have a nice viewpoint over the bay. An easier beach to visit on Nusa Penida is Diamond Beach.


3. Blue Lagoon – East Bali

Blue Lagoon Beach is one of the hidden beach in East Bali. It’s known as an underwater paradise; the blue fresh sea water is warm, and the marine life is abundant. It’s perfect for diving and snorkeling, because of the reef shark, stonefish, moray and blue-ribbon eels, octopuses, and cuttlefish. This beach is also great for swimming because it enjoys mostly calm waves throughout the year.


4. Padang Padang – Uluwatu

One of the best beaches Uluwatu has to offer is Padang Padang. The short walk down to this incredibly blue retreat is enchanting. A narrow staircase will lead you down from the top of the cliffs and through a limestone cave that emerges on the shoreline. When you have reached the bottom, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful semicircular cove with golden sands, surrounded by green vegetation and cliffs.

padang padang edited

5. Bias Tugel Beach – East Bali

Finally, not least of all is the Bias Tugel Beach in East Bali. This is a small bay with a 130-meter stretch of white sand. The cool thing about this beach is that there is a natural pool whose size is big enough to take a good swim. Also, this beach is so quiet, you can really enjoy and relax here. And it’s perfect for a good snorkel session too! 



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