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Working out makes us feel good and happy, and it makes those endorphins flow.
 Yoga is a way of working out that is becoming more and more popular over the years and it has so many benefits for the mind and body. Most of the Victoria secret models do it and even bodybuilders do it to maintain their flexibility. And it also has a link with sustainability, which we think is a great thing about yoga. Below you’ll find all of the best things about yoga that will have you reaching straight for your yoga mat!


#1 Yoga improves flexibility

I know a lot of people think they are not flexible enough to start yoga, but yoga is the perfect way to start improving this, so no worry at all because practice will improve your flexibility! And even better news, by improving your flexibility, you will also reduce the chances of getting injuries during exercising, because your muscles will be more elastic.


#2 Mindfulness

Yoga encourages a healthier mental state as you learn to focus on the present and pay attention to your breathing during your sessions. This can really relax your thoughts and also let you focus on important things instead of what groceries you still have to do or what you want to eat tonight. A good way to start your day with or when you want to go to sleep with relaxed thoughts!


#3 Sustainability

You must think: how are yoga and sustainability related to each other? Well, as humans we contribute to climate change and to avoid worst effects of climate change we need stop being so materialistic. With yoga you can go through personal transformation, and therefore you can regulate your emotions and change your habits. Long story short: Yoga can make people aware of things like our own actions and thoughts and this can help reduce our individual carbon footprint.


#4 Tones the body

Thanks to yoga for working the muscles and building strength, adding these workouts to your routine will also pay off with a toned body! This is because with a yoga workout you do not only build strength, you also burn body fat, which is essential if you want to achieve that 6-pack 😉 It also is a full body workout as all your muscles will need to work hard during yoga.


#5 Improves sleeping quality

Another amazing thing about yoga is that it can improve your sleep. Taking time to step away from your hectic and busy normal life during yoga, can improve the quality of your sleep and make you fall asleep faster. Sleep is very important and boosts your overall mood and health. Sleep can even help you when you have problems like depression or overweight. It was actually researched that people that have bad sleep tend to eat more calories.


#6 You are allowed to buy cool Yoga outfits

Last but not least: this is maybe the most important benefit of starting yoga, buying cool (and sustainable) yoga outfits! Of course, yoga is not about fashion in the first place, but if you are looking for a comfortable yoga outfit anyway, why not go for eco-friendly and recycled fabric?


COMING SOON: TET. has designed a yoga collection made of recycled fabric from plastic waste from the ocean. With the soft feel and cool appearance, you are ready to rock one of those yoga classes! Keep an eye on our Instagram for more of this collection..


After hearing all these benefits, are you a yogi already? We love doing yoga and yoga outfits and we hope to have convinced you a little bit (or a lot!) too.  


Have a lovely day,


X Team TET.