Bamboo Loungewear

Hi girls, 


Here I am again. I recently wrote a blog about what our loungewear collection is made of. Today I want to go into that a little further and specifically on the bamboo lounge wear. Not many people know about the existence of bamboo clothing and that is why I want to teach you more about it so that you can share this knowledge again!


Just freshen up!

To refresh your memory, I start by explaining again what organic bamboo actually is. What exactly is organic bamboo? Organic bamboo is a textile made from bamboo fibers. The soft fabric is created because the organic bamboo fibers are fibers made from viscose rayon made from bamboo. This makes the fabric very fine and therefore soft. Organic bamboo is often used so that no plastic has to be processed during the manufacturing process.


Why organic bamboo ?

Bamboo is a very sustainable plant. And at TET. the more durable, the better! It grows quickly and requires little care. Furthermore, products made from bamboo are fully biodegradable or recyclable. That is of course also where we at TET. absolutely looking for. Fabrics made from bamboo fibers are wonderfully airy and breathable and also incredibly soft. You also want a soft bamboo sweater, don’t you?


Maybe you are already convinced and you do not even read this blog and you already run to the web shop to order these wonderful bamboo lounge wear so that you can experience as soon as possible how soft these sweat sets actually are. If I haven’t convinced you yet (which I can hardly believe) I have searched for some nice bamboo facts for you.


Facts about bamboo

Bamboo textile is a soft, high-quality fabric that is ideally suited as an alternative to cotton. It can be used in underwear, socks, suits, jeans, shirts and other durable clothes that we now use cotton for. What are the facts about bamboo?

  • Bamboo grows quickly: it can grow 1 meter per day !
  • After the harvest, a bamboo forest recovers quickly. Bamboo grows through a root system: no replanting is necessary.
  • No insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers are required for growth. That does not mean that they are not used. Data on pesticide and fertilizer use in bamboo production are almost impossible to find.
  • The roots of bamboo hold the soil well and can prevent erosion.
  • Bamboo requires little water and can grow in many different places, including in the Netherlands.


If you care about the environment and are a real sustainability babe, I can guarantee that these soft bamboo sweat sets are definitely something for you! Furthermore, it is of course also great fun to say ‘Look honey, I have bamboo lounge wear on’. You immediately seem super smart and super accommodating with the environment and sustainability and that secretly makes you even more attractive!


Did you know? The pants and sweaters of the soft bamboo sweat sets partly by us TET. team are handmade? We have manually put in all the strings that you can find in the hood of the sweater or the waist of the pants. Curious how that went? Watch our TET now. vlogs! (link below).


Hopefully you enjoyed reading this blog again and I made you smarter again by telling you something about the super soft bamboo fabric. Besides reading the blogs, watching the vlogs is also great fun! 


See you again soon! 


Team TET.