Best Christmas Gifts For Her



Hooray, it’s the holidays! Unwrap yourself a joyful Christmas with TET swimwear. Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your best friend, sister, mother or girlfriend? Look no further as listed below is the perfect Christmas gift guide for her. Who doesn’t want sustainable TET swimwear under their Christmas tree?


Beach babe 

Is going to the beach, relaxing under palm trees, and working on a tan her cup of tea? Then these sustainable TET swimsuits are the perfect fit for her! They are full of vibrant colours and offer a suitable fit for every body type, which will definitely compliment any beach day. If this beach babe is constantly struggling with her hair getting in the way, she can also opt for a matching scrunchie which will guarantee a beach-ready look!


Travel guru

 If this travel guru is always planning her next trip right as she comes home from her last trip, she definitely needs a reversible sustainable bathing suit. Why you ask? A reversible bathing suit offers a variety of looks which can help her pack lightly and always have her beach ready. Combine this reversible bathing suit with a matching scrunchie against the summer heat and she’s set to go!



Happy girl 

Does this girl scream fun and is colour her first name? Then these are the best Christmas gifts for her! This TET swimwear is bright, playful, and fun and will definitely help boost this girl’s fun personality. The colourful stripes can be combined with blue coral for the ultimate mix and match. Top it off with a round pineapple bag and this happy girl is ready to take on the world!



Classic type

 Is she more of a classic girl who is into basic and less out spoken pieces? Then this is a classic item that definitely needs to become a staple in her closet! The black Liekie top is a perfect match and a necessity for every classic girl’s closet, because you know what they say, black is the new black! Accessorize this classic look with a bag of course because every girl needs a bag.



Trendy tiger 

 If this trendy tiger follows all of the latest trends and is always up to date on the latest fashion, the following pieces will certainly be right up her alley! Not only because these items are very trendy and fun, but also because this fashionista will help care for the world by supporting our cause. All of our swimwear is ethically made from recycled plastic, and is therefore not only good for nature but also for people, a win-win situation!





We hope that this gift guide could help you find the perfect gift and save you from the hassle of Christmas shopping (trust me, we know how hard it can be). From beach babe to trendy tiger, we offer a wide variety of swimwear which is suitable for any kind of person! If you have any questions you can e-mail us at:


Even if you don’t need to buy anyone a Christmas gift, go on and treat yourself to TET swimwear, you deserve it ;).



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