Bikini Care

  1. Our products are made with a lot of love and care, we made a list with some tips to get the most out of your bikini.
  2. When you’’re out and about on the sand, avoid sitting on sharp, rocky or rough surfaceswithout a towel. We’re all likely to have ruined a bikini before from poor booty placement!
  3. Make sure to rinse off your bikinis after going for a splash in salt water or chlorinated pools: this is key to maintaining your beloved bikinis in perfect condition.
  4. After the beach keep your bikini in your recycled plastic bag instead of throwing it into the depths of your beach bag.
  5. WE RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT PUT BIKINIS IN THE WASHING MACHINE! Bikinis should be rinsed in the shower or hand washed with a mild soap in warm water. TRY a gentle body wash like Dove Original; not only are you looking after your summer investments but your bikinis will smell amazing as well.
  6. Do not hang to dry in the sun; rather lay out flat on a clean surface or hang in the shower/shade.
  7. Store your bikini in your recycled Bikini Bag which is great for traveling as well!
  8. If for some reason you have to wash your bikinis in the washing mashing (though we do not recommend this), please put them in a delate bag on gentle wash & use gentle washing liquid. 30 degrees maximum.
  9. Do not bleach or tumble dry bikinis. No need !
  10. Please watch out with sunscreen. Do not apply on your swimwear.
  11. We do not cover wear and tear on your items so please look after them with heaps of love and care. xx
  12. Do not wear bikini in the water when fake tan is applied, fake tan will leave a pink stain on your bikinis fabric, if this does happen soak bikinis in warm water and spray with stain remover and rub gentle with finger tips repeat till removes stain.

Enjoy the ocean x