Can we go back to Bali ?

 Hi darlings,

Those who have been following TET for a while know that we normally live in Bali. Unfortunately Corona brought us back to the country where we come from, the Netherlands. Now of course we follow all updates around the coronavirus in Bali because we as a team cannot wait to exchange the cold and rainy Netherlands for the warm and sunny Bali. And what appears now, Bali will open again on 1stof December ?

It was previously known that Bali would probably open its borders to tourism again in early January 2021, but the news is now that it will probably be December 2020! Unfortunately, it is also known that this news has not yet been confirmed by the expert. Because of this it is actually still quite uncertain, and we cannot wait for it to be confirmed.

Weren’t the borders of Bali already open?
The borders of Bali had indeed already been opened, but by no means for everyone. For example, only foreigners with specific visas were allowed in and out of the country, not tourists. Hopefully that will soon change so that we as a team can catch the first plane to Bali very quickly!

Is there a lockdown for the residents of Bali?
No, there is no lockdown and residents are allowed to leave their homes and go to the shops and the beach.

What is the current status in Bali?

Indonesia has been closed for international travel since April 2020. That means currently no foreigners have been allowed to enter or transit in Bali on tourist visa. Recently new rules have applied which makes it possible for international travelers to access Bali when they arrange a social- or business visa before arrival. Indonesian citizens can travel within Indonesia, with the required documents and a Health Certificate with a COVID-19 free result.


Are local places opened ?
Some places and local businesses are closed, because they simply do not have customers. But also lots of venues in Bali are open at the moment. Everywhere you’ll need to follow the safety regulations and health protocols. That means you’ll need to wear a face mask outside your home / hotel room and in all public spaces. When you’re at a restaurant you can take your mask off when eating — and when you’re on the beach you only need to wear it when ‘walking’. Local police is handing out fines for those who are not wearing face masks, so please wear them!












What are the measures in Bali at the moment?

  • Wear your face mask. Wear them outside, on the motorbike, in your hotel (except in your room of course), in public spaces, when entering a restaurant (you can take them off when eating), when walking on the beach (you can take them off when on one spot).
  • Keep your distance. Right now it is globally advised everyone should limit close contact, indoors and outdoors. So please no parties, gatherings and keep your distance when you’re in public spaces.
  • Stay clean. Wash your hands with soap. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently. Don’t touch surfaces that are likely to have someone else’s touch or clean frequently (especially your phone and keys!). Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which should be rubbed in for about 20 seconds, can also work, but the gel must contain at least 60 percent alcohol.


In any case, we hope that the speculations surrounding the opening of the borders are more than correct so that we can quickly continue the work in Bali. Curious about what we are going to do in Bali? Check out our vlogs on YouTube for great news from Bali!

Team TET.