Current situation corona virus in Bali

Hey lovely girls,

We hope you are all doing fine during this difficult time and are safe and healthy!

We received some questions about the current situation in Bali so today we want to tell you a bit about it.

As in many other countries in the World, the Coronavirus brought measures to the day to day life. However, here in Bali, everything started a bit later than in other places. Until the end of March, we were still able to enjoy the beautiful beaches but slowly actions were also taken here and places started to close. Most of the shops are now closed. Many restaurants are still open but you can enjoy the delicious drinks and foods by taking away or delivery only. Schools, gyms, spas, and all the beach clubs are currently also closed. We have never seen the streets of Bali this empty and it just reminds us of a ghost town.

At the beginning of April, all the beaches closed and the police is making sure that people don’t sneak into the beaches. However, early in the mornings a lot of people still managed to access the beach and surf or go for a walk but we think that we should respect this countries rules and stay home to stop the spread of the Virus which means possibly saving lives. To protect ourselves and others everyone leaving the house is asked to wear a mask. When doing groceries or buying food to take away there is always someone by the door to make sure you sanitize your hands. We also would like to remind you again to always wash your hands and sanitize them long enough <3

When it comes to traveling, tourists are currently not allowed to enter Bali. People that came here after the 5th of February and are staying on a social visa or visa on arrival, which would now expire can just stay here without being worried about getting a fine. So no actions need to be taken at the moment to avoid a big gathering of people at the immigration office.

So we are patiently waiting until the beaches are open again. We just can’t wait to put our cute Bikinis on, feel the salty water and sand on our feet and catch some amazing waves on a sunset surf session. For us, the beach is our fuel where we get energy and where we are the closest to nature. Until then we try to exercise in the pool or do some yoga and it a lot of healthy foods and fruits to keep fit and healthy during this uncertain time.

If you have any other questions feel free to send us a DM on Insta (@Tetswimwear) 🙂

Stay safe and healthy!

Lots of love from your TET. Team <3