Feeling good about what you wear: TET. and ethical swimwear

Sustainability and ethical fashion are a very broad understanding and are both hot topics nowadays. TET. Swimwear brings ethical fashion to a new level, using waste to create sustainable materials. As you perhaps already know, all TET. bikinis and swimsuits are made out of recycled plastic and industrial waste. The fabric that we use is called Repreve, if you want to know more, read our blog post on recycled swimwear. Next to that TET. produces in an ethical way. But what does ethical production mean for TET? And how is TET. achieving and maintaining those goals? In this blog we will tell you our story about why and how we produce our products in an ethical way.

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Ethical fashion is like an umbrella term to describe ethical producing, designing and purchasing. It contains topics like the environment, sustainable production, animal rights and proper working conditions in the factories. All those terms can sometimes be overwhelming. Ethical standards are variable to everybody, hence difficult to measure. That is why TET. is working with certified manufacturers to ensure that the ethical standards are high. The factory where TET. Swimwear is made is WRAP certified. WRAP stands for Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. This WRAP certificate means that a third party is ensuring the sewn products are produced in a lawful, humane and ethical way. At the moment there are already 2690 wrap certified factories worldwide. In those factories audits and inspections are done by experienced Wrap auditors.  The audits and inspections are unannounced, to ensure the factories don’t expect the check. The WRAP organization is improving all the time. The organization already set up some Sustainable Development Goals for the future. Those goals imply a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. More information about the future goals and the company is extensively described on the website of WRAP.

This subject of ethical production is of great value for TET. Swimwear. The TET. team is always working and improving on our manufacturing process so we can ensure our customers the most sustainable and ethical options. Examples of what TET. is working on are sustainable packaging, labels made out of recycled paper and researching other sustainable materials. Why do we take such effort to produce our products in the most ethical way? It simply gives us a better feeling if we know that our products are made under the best ethical circumstances, from materials that don’t damage the environment. When we are strolling along the beach in our beautiful TET. bikini’s, we want to feel good about ourselves. Not only because we look good, but because we are doing the world a favor. That’s our mission.