Hey babes, it is starting to get warmer and warmer and the beginning of summer is only 10 days away. So, it is the perfect timing to give you some tips and tricks on how to buy your swimwear online. We all know that buying swimwear in a store is not always the nicest experience. The tiny dressing rooms with unflattering light and a line of impatiently shoppers is not the most suitable environment to try on your swimwear that you want to feel sexy and comfortable in for the whole season. So why not just buy it online?

Here are some things to take into consideration before you purchase a swimsuit online:


  1. Check the product details and care instructions.


In the product details you can find information about the materials, the fit, and all details the product contains like a wire to support the boob for instance. This will help you understand how the products fits the body and which product is most suitable for you. Additionally it is important to check the care instructions that we provide you, to make sure you treat your swimsuit in the right way after wearing it. This will ensure that your product will last very long. For more information on our Bikini care check here.


2 Check the size chart.


Most of us love wearing a garment as fast as possible after receiving a package and no one likes the hassle of sending orders back and forth. To prevent this always check the size chart before making a purchase. We always include which size the model is wearing in the pictures to help you orientate which size is most suitable for you. In our sizing chart we provide you with all the measurements and a clear instruction on how to measure yourself with a measuring tape. You can find the instructions here.

3 Use Instagram for inspiration.


Instagram can be helpful to find the style you did not know you were looking for. Sometimes we need to see things first before we knew we would like them. At TET. we want to show as much diversity as our products are made for all type of women. If you are not sure about which model suits you best you can always drop us a DM on Insta at @tetswimwear and we will help you find the most suitable swimsuit for you. You can also check the pictures we are tagged in to see our Swimsuits on all different types of women.


4 Mix & Match.

Most of us have different sizes for the tops and bottoms. So, to ensure the most suitable fit for your body you should always make sure that brands offer the possibility to buy tops and bottoms separately. Sometimes it is also nice to mix & match colors or prints so just play around, try out different things and be bold to go crazy. Everyone can use a nice pop of color in summer.


5 Check the return policy.

When buying swimwear online or other products where you might not be sure about the fit it is extremely important to check the return policy as not every store offers returns or exchanges. At TET. we give you the opportunity to return your products within 14 days after receiving your package. The products need to be in their original conditions, with tags attached and including the hygiene seal. We cannot accept products that are tampered or worn. Please always wear underwear when trying on products. For more information on the return policy please check our website.

 We hope those tips & tricks were helpful to find the perfect swimsuit and we are sure you will look amazing this summer! Remember to tag our Instagram @tetswimwear if you are wearing our products this season so we can all inspire each other <3 

Have an amazing summer!



Team TET.