How Corona virus effects the swimwear market

The coronavirus outbreak has caused flights to be cancelled and many countries have closed their borders leading to vacations being cancelled. As holidays are put on hold, the need for swimwear becomes less and brands are facing many challenges. 

Many businesses are hit by this crisis and it is difficult to predict or plan for the long-term. Many businesses suffer from delays and the disruption is prompting retailers and suppliers to reassess their supply chains. One might think that one month doesn’t make a big difference but with seasonal products like swimwear, a month delay can make them much less relevant. 

We live in a world where people want more all the time and consume more than what we actually need. During this time, we should focus on less and consider a “quarantine of consumption”. That doesn’t mean you should not buy anything anymore but you should just be more aware how much and what you buy but also what you already have. We at TET. have decided to make smaller quantities in order to not have waste. We offer high qualitative materials and our products are reversible so by wearing our products it’s like you have two bikinis in one. Not only is that cheaper for you but it is also better for the environment. It just shows that with buying less and being more conscious you can still have the feeling of variety by making smarter choices and investing in products that are longlisting and have features like the variability. 

When we look at fashion it is shocking how many people still purchase products from big fast fashion companies and have no clue about the negative influence those brands have on the environment. But in the bad things there is always something positive happening. We see amazing things like the air in china being clean only 2 months after the lockdown. Or we see that people are supporting each other in this crisis and how much a community is capable of. Our base is in Bali and just as in many other places, the people here on the island live from tourism. Many people here are affected because they lost their jobs and have barely any money to survive and feed their families but their attitudes are still positive and they are so grateful for all the help they get. It is amazing to see people coming together and supporting the people in need. 

We are seeing that the impact of the outbreak of the virus and slowing down has made people slowly becoming more and more aware of the pollution problem and that the environment is in danger. Sustainability is becoming more and more important and is the only way to go in the future. This outbreak will force us into slowing down things, refusing to take planes, work from home and learning how to become more self-sufficient and mindful. And brands have to do the same. With self-isolation the new norm, we need to learn to enjoy what we have and be happy about it. Let’s enjoy a little staycation at home, put on your nice swimwear and bring the beach feeling to you instead of dreaming where we could be. But of course dreaming is always allowed and it’s important to have things to look forward to! 

Just like any other business we need all your support. We love what we do and make the cutest swimwear for you guys out there and clean the ocean together with you guys! You can now also buy a gift card online to make sure you support a small business and make sure your friends look good! We will make a little happy dance with every order, we promise!

Stay safe and positive!


Your TET. Team