How to prepare for summer?

The COVID-19 situation makes us more conscious about what we have. The small things like a day at the beach or a drink on the terrace are not possible anymore. Hopefully, this can be a part again of our weekly routine this summer so we can support our local restaurants and stores through this rough time.

Something that we luckily can count on for 100% is that summer is almost coming and we can’t wait! If you go on holiday or not, better weather is waiting for us around the corner. Therefore, what are the best ways to prepare for it at home? And since COVID-19 made is even more conscious of our beautiful world and freedom, how can we do it in a sustainable way? Don’t hesitate to continue to read because we provide you with some lovely tips and tricks!

Treat your self on a lovely spa day at home and make your skin ready for summer. Start with taking a steamy shower or fill your bath with essential oils, bath salt and oatmeal (because that softens your skin), light up some in scent and candles and listen to your favorite relaxing music. Ready? Now the hard work can start! Give your self a facemask and a full body scrub! Nothing like that at home? Don’t worry because you probably do, you can make your own!
Squeeze one lime and add some olive or almond oil, now you already have a facemask that both exfoliates and moisturizes your skin or you can just put some yogurt on your face since this cleanse your skin and tighten your pores.
Secondly, give yourself a full-body scrub with one of your favorite scrubs, or make of course your own natural scrub. Combine for example coconut oil with brown sugar or Himalaya salt with natural oil.
When everything is rinsed off it is time to leave the bath or shower and to apply a moisturizing body lotion, pull on a soft bathrobe and finish the spa with a pedicure. Now your skin is summer prove and is it time to beautifully shine and feel good in the new collection: ‘For the wild who wander’ from TET. swimwear! And did you, by the way, know that wearing TET. is win-win? Besides wearing a beautiful piece you contribute to saving the ocean since our products are made of plastic waste from the ocean!

Once wearing our ethical swimwear you are probably ready to get sun-kissed skin, but be careful since we all know that too much sun is no good for your beautiful skin. Instead of choosing for a tanning bed, use a self-tanner. A tanning bed increases the chances of skin cancer for a shocking 75%. The self-tan lotion is cheaper and doesn’t have any risks for your body.
Is the sun shining? Go outside and enjoy the vitamin D! Although remember, do it in moderation. Use factor 30 or 50, apply it every two hours, not only to prevent sunburns but also to prevent getting wrinkles at a later age. Did you know that cream that includes factor 50 is the best anti-aging cream? So lubricate!
The best hours to enjoy the sun is in the mornings and after 4’o clock, in these hours the sun is less strong, so less chance of getting a sunburn.

We wish you the best summer! Remember, be good to yourself, live healthily and create the best summer memories with us in your new beautiful and sustainable swim and resort wear! Share your moments with us because we are always curious about your summer adventures!