How to survive FALL?

Hi beautiful ladies!

At the moment we are back in the Netherlands and when we look outside we are not exactly happy with the weather. It is raining, it is gray and the wind is very windy. All we would like now is to go back to Bali! To survive the fall for a while, we are going to give you some ‘how do I survive the fall’ tips to get through the fall without any worries!

#1. Date nights !

When the sun is shining and it’s hot, you can easily think about going to the beach with your date. That is no longer possible, but what can you do? Grab some blankets, make some coffee (Coffee is definitely not to be missed at TET! More about this in our vlogs!) And put on your wonderfully warm TET sweatpants and sweater and you and your date are all set for a cozy, romantic movie night!


#2. Study days !

Now that most people work from home because of Covid-19, this can also be a nice opportunity. And another advantage of working from home is that you don’t have to go outside in this awful weather. You can make your assignments on the couch, under a blanket or at the dining table. The sweater is also ideal for this activity or if you are even warmer you can easily wear 1 of the t-shirts!


#3. Sporty days !

If the weather outside is less and you feel less as a result, you can exercise. We at TET love sports and sports make us feel better! And how nice is it if you can also work out in style?! In the TET yoga pants with matching yoga top you will shine in the gym and you will feel better before you have even performed the exercises! Instead of going to the gym, you can also find a new fun indoor activity that also keeps your summer body. This way you sit warm inside and you stay in shape!


#4. Swimming !

If you are really too in love with the beautiful weather and you really can’t live without it, go to a subtropical swimming pool. Here it is warm, light and you can swim wonderfully. If there was no Covid-19 we could have gone on vacation, but unfortunately. This is a super fun alternative and in the pool you can also wear your favorite bikinis and bathing suits from TET. A complete win-win situation! 🙂

#5.Go for a walk !

In the fall, nature is amazingly beautiful! So if it is not raining you can choose to put on your walking shoes, bring your dog (if you have one) and / or call a friend, drive to a forest and go for a walk and enjoy from nature. This can be very relaxing and is also good for you! Also, on this occasion you can look super stylish in the new TET collection. For example, choose our flared yoga pants, with a nice sweater, some cool sneakers and a nice trench coat and you are ready for a walk in the woods!

The nice outfit described here can also be worn super nice during a shopping afternoon! And no, not in the rain outside, but look at a nice indoor shopping center near you!


#6. Yoga days !

To stay in the relaxed atmosphere for a while, you can also go to a yoga studio to forget the bad weather and relax completely. Feel even more relaxed in our yoga pants with yoga top and t-shirt. A nice outfit for a lovely rainy autumn afternoon! Too cold for a t-shirt? No worries ! Choose our sweater and you will never be cold again!

Hopefully you will never get bored again during the rainy autumn days! We certainly don’t!

Team TET.