How to take better care of your sustainable swimwear

Hi girls,

It’s important to take good care of your swimwear. Your bikinis/swimsuits should be just as vibrant as the day you first tried it on! We know that taking care of your swimwear can seem like a hassle with the hinderance of sunscreen, salty ocean water and chlorine causing discoloration. These substances will take a toll on the materials. But no worries! You can make sure your swimwear lasts longer, while being kind to our planet! Because we have the solution with our best tips on how to care for your sustainable (TET.) swimwear. 


  1. To make sure your swimwear will last forever, make sure you rinse it after use. We prefer to do it in cold water by hand. If you have more time, it’s the best to let it soak for 30 minutes and rinse it again. You can also add some shampoo before rinsing it again, to make sure all chemicals are removed when you wash it. If you haven’t been in chlorine or salt water, you can wash your swimsuit after every 3-5 wears. And if you prefer to use your washing machine, it should be hand-wash settings and preferably in a washing bag.
  2. When you air dry your swimwear (outside), make sure you do this in the shade and not directly exposed to the sun. Try not to put your swimwear in the dryer, and do not place your swimwear near artificial heat, as this will significantly shorten the life of your swimwear. 

3. Be careful with certain sunscreens and especially tanning oils. They can cause heavy stains, avoid applying them near the fabric at all costs. 

4 Further, when storing your swimwear make sure you don’t hang them up, as that’s not good for stretch. And it’s important that your swimsuit is in a place where the material can breathe. If you put your swimsuit in a (plastic) bag, bacteria can start to grow. And you really don’t want that 😉

5. Do not pack wet swimwear with other garments

6. Overexposure to chemicals such as highly chlorinated water and sunlight can cause swimsuits to fade over time. Therefore, our tip is to wear different swimwear in turn to extend the life of each piece!

We hope you find these tips usefully and this helps!


Team TET.