How to wear a TET. Bag?

Well that is not too difficult! We over three beautiful bags made from natural products like rattan, pineapple leaves and cotton.  We choose for these materials due to our sustainable background and because of the lovely natural colours the materials have. The colours of the bags vary from broken white to brown, this natural colour palette makes it possible to match almost every outfit.

First we have the belt bag, the belt bag has a sportswear inspired oval shape and is made from rattan, which comes from a palm tree. The bag is hand made here in Bali, Indonesia. Can it even feel more tropical? It has a brown leather adjustable strap, what looks like a belt and gives the possibility to wear it around the waste or as a crossed body bag.  At the front, the bag has a leather TET. swimwear label.

With the belt bag you can easily spice up your outfit, combine it with a jeans, skirt or as a belt around a dress to accentuate your waste line! Do you know that feeling when you are laying at the beach and you want to make a beach walk but you do not want to bring all your stuff with you? Well due the tropical feeling of the belt bag it fits also perfectly with your bikini! Put your essentials in like your phone, wallet and keys and your beach walk can begin!

Next up, the round shaped bag made from braided pineapple leaves! This bag is similar to the previous one: super tropical and made on Bali! It is a bag that you can wear around your shoulder, it has a zipper to open the bag and is a little bigger than the belt bag, this makes it possible to bring a bit more with you than only the essentials. The bag can be worn with nearly everything, from a cute summer dress till your favourite flared jeans. The bag gives a free spirit hippy feeling to your outfit!

Aditionally, our beads bag! The bag is made from cotton and…. Wooden beads. At the top front of the bag a leather TET. swimwear label is stitched. Instead of the previous two smaller sized bags this is more of a fashionable medium sized groceries bag. Which you can use for shopping to avoid plastic bags or that you can use for going to the park or beach to bring your towel and some drinks. It is a playfull bag because of the beads however, it fits with every outfit due to its natural soft colour.

Does your preference already goes out to one? It is hard to choose, right? An Important side note is that all of our bags, likely to our other products are sustainable and ethically made! To not only cheer up your outfit but also to enjoy the fair supply chain behind it!

Last but not least, do you have a bag in mind that we do not offer but perfectly fits our collection? Please tell us because we would love to hear your opinion, since that is more important to us than anything!

We wish you a lovely day! Xx Team TET.