Inspiration SS19 Collection

What inspired you to design the SS19 collection?

The SS19 collection was inspired by; vintage sunbeds and colours from nature. I think it is very important to design a collection with bright colours that match different skin tones. The colour tones were inspired by corals, fruits and of course the ocean. The ocean is where I get most of my inspiration. I always feel free and calm when I look at the ocean.

Are there special elements in the collection?

I think what makes the collection extra special is that we made most of the items reversible, giving you two different options on how to wear it. This way you can combine a little crazy print with a good essential colour in the same piece. Lets say you just have two for one 😉 So you don’t have to choose.

Besides we designed all the closings branded and with high quality.

Where does the name TET. come from?

TET. Stands for Tete-a-tete, this means bundling ideas and putting heads together. I love working with young ambitious people from all around the world. I still wanted to show the power of the brand in the logo, that’s why we gave it a short name; TET. Swimwear.

Where did you shoot the SS19 collection?

We did our first shoot at Malibu beach, LA. This was a crazy adventure and so nice to get all the creative minds together. I worked with a very nice small team of artists.

We did some shoots after this one in Bali as this is my home base now. The light here is amazing and you have so many nice locations.

X Lieke