Join us as we celebrate Fashion Revolution Week!

Join us as we celebrate Fashion Revolution Week, an ongoing global movement that aims to put an end to human and environmental exploitation in the fashion industry. This week commemorates the anniversary of the tragic Rhana Plaza factory collapse in 2013, which resulted in the loss of 1,138 lives, and serves as a reminder of the need for change.

During Fashion Revolution Week, people and businesses from all over the world come together to demand greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry. This year’s theme is “Manifesto for a fashion revolution” with a focus on coming together as a global community to bring the manifesto of ending the exploitation of people and destruction of our planet, into reality.

Fashion Revolution is the world’s largest fashion activism non-profit organisation. It’s a global movement that has the vision of a fashion industry that prioritizes responsible practices and sustainability over growth and profit. Their aims include safe and dignified working conditions, fair living wages for all people in the supply chain, a more equal balance of power across the industry, a stronger labor movement, conservation of precious resources and regeneration of ecosystems, a culture of transparency and accountability across the value chain, an end to throwaway culture, and a shift towards a system where materials are used for much longer and nothing goes to waste. Additionally, the organization recognizes and values heritage, craftsmanship, and local wisdom.

At TET., we’re committed to promoting responsible practises and transparency in our supply chain. We believe in safe and dignified working conditions, living wages, and a more equal balance of power across the fashion industry. By sharing insights into our factories during this year’s Fashion Revolution Week, and working conditions, we hope to inspire a more sustainable and accountable future for fashion.

Our swimwear collections are designed in the Netherlands and made in a BSCI certified factory in China. The yarn is made in another factory, since we produce from recycled plastic bottles and the process of turning plastic bottle to fibers/yarn is complicated. We have good contact with our factory in China and have personally visited to meet the people we work with and check if the working conditions are ethical. A BSCI report is carried out every two years to ensure the working conditions meet our standards.

Our clothes are produced by local tailors in Bali using natural materials. During production, we visit the factories every week to ensure ethical production and have a good understanding of how people are treated. Our fabrics are picked for their sustainability and we personally take them to the dyer, where colors are mixed and printed on samples to get the perfect color. The dyed fabrics are then cut and assembled in the studio.

We’re proud to say that all of our products are produced to the standards of the TET. Policy. We believe that transparency and accountability are essential for creating a more sustainable fashion industry. By being open about our supply chain, we hope to encourage other fashion brands to follow our lead. All the steps of our value chain are fully laid out on our website and we love to share insights into our factories which we regularly share on our social media accounts.

Let’s work together to make a difference and create a culture of transparency and accountability across the fashion industry. As consumers, we have the power to make a change by choosing responsible fashion brands that prioritize ethical production and sustainability. Join us in celebrating Fashion Revolution Week and promoting a more sustainable future for fashion.