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As ocean lovers, we would like to inform you on the latest developments in cleaning up the ocean through the collection of plastic. We got very excited when we read about it, and that’s why we would like to share it with you happily.

TET. Swimwear is made from plastic waste collected from the ocean, and we are proud to announce that there is a huge new development going on because of THE OCEAN CLEANUP initiative phase 2.

On 2019 October 2nd, the ocean cleanup announced that System 001/B is successfully capturing and collecting plastic debris. After one year of testing, they have succeeded in developing a self-contained system in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is using the natural forces of the ocean to passively catch and concentrate plastic, thereby confirming the most important principle behind the cleanup concept that was invented by Boyan Slat

In addition to collecting visible pieces of plastic debris, as well as much larger ghost nets associated with commercial fishing, System 001/B has also successfully captured microplastics as small as 1mm now.


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Dutch inventor Boyan Slat founded The Ocean Cleanup at the age of 18 in his hometown of Delft, the Netherlands, in 2013.

By utilizing the ocean currents, the passive drifting systems are estimated to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years.

Without organizations like The ocean cleanup. TET wouldn’t exist, so we are grateful and inspired by news like this. We hope you are too. Together we can save the ocean. Let’s do it!

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Also, remember to save the ocean with TET.