Spring into Style: Embracing the Hottest Trends of the Season!

As we have entered the month of March, and the chill of Winter melts, it is time to bring in a new season of style and vibrancy. At TET. Responsible wear, we would like to dive into the 2024 top Spring trends while styling our collections in the most sustainable and stylish way possible.

Every year presents its fashion trends whereby last year in 2023, the trends were denim maxi skirts, low-rise jeans, and cargo pants. In 2024, those 90’s trends are being forgotten and put back on the shelves in your closet. Spring 2024 is the season of pastels and monochromatic looks that show the power of dressing fashion. Also, the color silver is making a comeback both in jewelry and in clothing. For my gold girly lovers out there, do not be surprised if one day you switch to silver jewelry. I mean, who doesn’t like to follow a fashion trend and discover their styles? (I do). Spring 2024 is also the season to allow yourself to feel and look sexy. This feeling will come from wearing sheer whites, giving an angelic and sexy feeling. This could be a sheer white dress, a sheer white top, or sheer pants. How could you pair a sheer white item? It’s simple, just wear our FW23 Cindy bomber jacket over it. If you are feeling a bit casual on your Saturday night, then consider your outfit done with our Cindy Bomber in pink. If you want a bolder look while going out on a Saturday, then consider the Cindy bomber in silver and pair it with silver jewelry!

Screenshot 2024 03 07 at 1.30.07 PM

If sheer whites are not the style for you and you would rather feel bold than sexy, try considering the metallic look. Yes ladies, at TET. Responsible Wear we have two of our favorite metallic items namely the Cindy bomber jacket and the Naomi pants which would be perfect to give you that bold statement you are looking for. Even though pastel colors, golds and silvers are set to be the hottest color trend of Spring 2024, there are different opinions. Some might say that these two colors are set for eveningwear, but others might disagree for this season and allow heads to turn during the daylight. Will we see these metallic silver and gold dresses wandering the streets of Milan or Paris this season? I guess time will tell. The metallics could also be shown as a layering option for simple fashion items when matching it with a neutral piece.

Screenshot 2024 03 07 at 1.30.24 PM

Speaking of being sexy, the booties are making an appearance in this year’s trends. As some might call it “the shorter the better”. Brands such as Versace, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, and Gucci make an outstanding appearance with the short shorts. Some are as tight as underwear, and some are cute baggy shorts that you could wear with a tank top. At TET. Responsible wear, the perfect way to style your short shorts would be with our “Save the ocean” shirt or with our “Cindy bomber jacket” in pink. The Bomber jacket will give you that “IT” girl oversized look that everyone has been wanting for the last few years.

It is important to remember, that everyone has their own beautiful style and it is important to express your creativity in any way you like!

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