Sustainable Bikini’s

In recent years, sustainability has played an increasingly important role in our lives. We must think about our future. Take the first step together with TET. Responsible wear and buy your swimwear sustainable from now on. In this blog we discuss the sustainable swimwear options and their benefits.

Sustainable materials

When purchasing new swimwear, it is important to look at the material. Look at quality and sustainability. At TET. Our swimwear is made of Repreve and Carvico. Repreve is made from recycled PET bottles and industrial waste. This yarn is mixed with spandex, which creates a perfect fit. Carvico is a fabric made from ECONYL®️ yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn that comes from pre-and post-industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets.

Reversible designs
Because of the reversible design, the bikini tops can be mixed and matched with different bottoms. TET. always designs one basic side and one remarkable side. You can choose day by day! The reversible designs are a good way to prevent overconsuming.

Pay attention to the source

Sustainability is not only the environment but also people. Fashion shouldn’t be at the expense of people. We must pay attention to where our products are made and what the working conditions are like here. We can make a big difference by selecting, whom we give our money. TET. Responsible wear wouldn’t exist without our talented creators that work in our factories.

Our factories in Bali and in China have been carefully selected so that they meet our ethical standards. All our pieces are made with love and care especially for you. Our swimwear factory is operating through the BSCI standards. In Bali the factories are very close to our village, so we meet the tailors every week once we can go back to Bali.

We wish you the best (sustainable)summer! Remember, be good to yourself, live healthily, and create the best summer memories with us in your new beautiful and sustainable swim and resort wear! Share your moments with us because we are always curious about your summer adventures! Use #Savetheoceanwithtet Oh and remember, strolling on the beach? Pick some trash up! Every little bits help.

Follow your dreams.