TET. is PETA approved !

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Have you ever heard about PETA ? Yes ? Then this will be interesting to you. No ? Then this is also interesting and you can learn a lot. As you know, TET is always concerned with sustainability. In addition to being sustainable, TET is also vegan and that bit of vegan has to do with PETA. In this blog, you will find out why TET is not only sustainable but also super animal-friendly!

To start, what is PETA approved exactly ?

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an animal rights organization that stands up for the rights of animals. Interest in PETA is increasing worldwide.

According to PETA, just like humans, animals can feel pain and have the will to live their own lives. So they are not there to be used. Whether it’s for our food, our clothes, our experiments, our hobbies, or whatever. PETA supporters are raising awareness among politicians and the general public worldwide about cruelty to animals. They stand up for the right of all animals to be treated with respect.

 PETA works to raise public awareness through research, legislation, special events, figureheads, and protest campaigns. PETA believes in nonviolence and does not advocate or endorse any action that could be harmful to individuals, people, or nonhumans. PETA also approves products and brands around the world that respect their principles by not using animals or animal derivatives in their productions.


How PETA approved is TET ?

To be PETA approved, you must therefor have a certificate. You will not have this certificate just like that, but we are happy enough to say that we have one. As a company, you will receive the PETA certificate if you do not test ingredients, formulas and end products on animals. None of this happens at TET and that is why we have now a nice PETA approved certificate !


What does the story of TET have to do with PETA ?

All swimwear produced at TET is made from ocean plastic. The idea behind this is that the inventor of TET swimwear saw at a young age what happened to the beautiful nature that the world has. Because the swimwear comes out of the ocean and ends in the ocean again makes it fun. The circle is then complete! According to PETA, TET is, in addition to being extremely sustainable, also vegan. This is because none of the products are tested on animals. Also, no animals are used for the products. In fact, TET even saves animals! Because there is less plastic in the ocean, animals cannot die from it, for example by mistaking it for food and choking on it or getting stuck in it. By combining the story of TET with the thoughts of PETA, TET fits in perfectly!


Why is it usefull to have a PETA certificate in the fashion industry ?

If more and more people start to dress less animal-unfriendly and then really look specifically for vegan clothing, more and more brands are ultimately ‘obliged’ to produce their clothing, jewelry, and accessories in an animal-friendly manner. Only together do we suffer animal cruelty and if everyone participates that is it done before you know!


Hopefully, you are now a bit wiser about how vegan TET is and you can now also tell on a girls night that you know what PETA is! 😉


P.S. have you already seen our new yoga and responible wear collection? Just like TET’s swimwear made of plastic and 100% animal-friendly.


have a wonderful day!


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