The 5 Great Swimsuit Mistakes you want to avoid

The 5 Great Swimsuit Mistakes you want to avoid 


You Buy Your Swimsuits In A One-Size Set 

A lot of people do this mistake because many brands still offer one-size sets only. However, everybody type is different and you might need a different size for the top and the bottom to avoid having the side boob looking out of the top or a saggy butt. At TET. Swimwear we offer the right solution to avoid that happening. We offer you the option to mix and match all our styles because most people aren’t the same size on top and bottom. You can even mix and match different styles and go wild with our new SS20 collection. Have a look at the different style combinations we did for you! 


  1. You Don’t Use The Right Bikini Care 


To maintain the good quality of your Bikini and to make sure you can wear it for as long as possible, it is extremely important to take care of it well. While you are wearing it, you should always be careful about what kind of surface you are sitting on. Best is to always sit or lay in a towel. However, the aftercare is just as important. After swimming in a pool with chlorine or in saltwater you need to rinse out the Bikini with soap. Not sure how to do it? Check out our Bikini Care section on our website. 


 2. You Pick A Swimsuit With Poor Quality 


It might feel good to be saving money while purchasing a swimsuit, but if you buy a swimsuit with a poor quality you might have to replace it every season again. Buying a Swimsuit with higher quality will be more durable and sustainable. In the beginning, you might have to invest a bit more but you will be able to enjoy it for a much longer time without having to purchase a new one. At Tet. Swimwear all our products are made of recycled plastic from the ocean. You are not only going to have a Bikini with great quality but you are also purchasing a sustainable product that is doing good for the environment and you will be taking part in our fight against the plastic pollution in the ocean. 


3. You’re Not Buying The Right Swimsuits Based On Activities  


 Many women buy swimsuits and use it for all kinds of different activities but you should stop doing that! Some Styles are made for tanning and relaxing and other styles are made for water activities like surfing where you move a lot and need the right support to make sure everything stays in place. You don’t want to have a boob looking out of your Top or lose your bottom while being sporty in the water, right? We got you covered for looking cute during all kinds of different activities. Here are some tips on which style to use best based on the occasion. 

For surf:


For tanning: 


For surfing in one piece: 



4. You Think One-Piece Suits Are Old-fashioned

Yes, some swimsuits might be a bit dowdy, especially when you think back to what you were wearing as a little girl. But actually, many sexy and elegant versions do exist. What we love about One-pieces is that you can combine them with a cute short and can create a nice outfit without feeling too naked. We do understand it is not the best option when trying to work on your tan, but when you are chilling a day at a beach club or going to a festival a One-piece is definitely the right style to go with. Here are some Styles from our new SS20 collection.