The TET. X Laviesanne collection

YESS! Our beautiful secret is out, which begins with an “L” and ends with an “E”.


We are so excited to show everyone our beautiful and responsible collection together with Laviesanne. Laviesanne had always dreamt of designing her family collection. Nowadays, the focus of “twinning” is mostly on mother and daughter, but she wanted to twin with the entire fam! Cute right (:

She chose a timeless pattern that is cute for kids, men and women. All the clothing items are soft garments that are perfect for a swimwear cover-up or strolling around, getting a coffee in summertime. Laviesanne’s wish was to create a retro swimsuit with a belt that would make everyone fall off their chair and be speechless. This wish is to be seen in our Sophie bathing suit! One of the reasons why Laviesanne decided to work and co-create with TET. is because of the recycling goals and the fair manufacturing process. Hereby, the TET. X Laviesanne collection is produced ethically and responsibly in Bali, Indonesia.

Laviesanne in Bali; how it all came together

After a long 17-hour flight with 3 children, Laviesanne arrived in Denpasar Bali on the 23rd of March 2024. Together with the CEO of TET., Lieke van Hulsbergen, they sat together and had a nice dinner at Shelter on Monday the 25th. As mentioned by Lieke, they had an amazing time together and it was nice to see each other in person and in warm tropical weather. After a bit of relaxing and getting a spray tan and nails done, the day has finally come when the Laviesanne shoot takes place. On Tuesday, the 26th of March, the shoot took place in Canggu, Bali. There are a total of 6 looks for this photoshoot and many cute accessories! Since Laviesanne is the one and only Laviesanne, there is never a dull moment with her not only in 34-degree weather with the sun melting in your face when taking hundreds of photos.

Once the photoshoot was finished and we all had a night’s sleep, Lieke and Laviesanne went to the manufacturing facility in Bali, Indonesia. During this time, Laviesanne was able to see the production of her clothing.

As this is Laviesanne’s first time visiting Bali after 10 years and being with her own kids, we wanted her to revisit the roots of TET. and what our brand stands for. We did this by organizing a beach cleanup in Canggu, Bali. Together with 17 other people, we made an impact on our oceans which are full of plastic, cigarettes, and dirt. Everyone can do this! Even Laviesanne’s 2-year-old daughter managed to get plastic off the sands! We collected about 12 trash bags full of cans and many other harmful items to our sea animals and environment. The very nice thing about organizing a beach club is that you start with 17 people, but when other tourists notice people helping make the environment a better place, others tend to join as well! With this, we save our oceans together, step by step, one day at a time.

During Laviesanne’s far travel to Bali, we did not only have 1 photoshoot but 2! The second one was held on Friday the 29th of March at Alternative Beach in Canggu. This shoot was a very special moment since all 3 kids were also there to join in their TET. X Laviesanne Mini items. The 2 items for the kids are the Amélie UV suit and the James swim shorts. To make the entire family complete, we did not leave out all the dads! For the dads who have always dreamt of being matchy with the kids, the Lucas swim shorts are for you! The beautiful and checkered print is therefore perfect for men and women and truly gives you that clean summer feeling with a little bit of fun just like Laviesanne her personality is fun and Spontaneous!

Shooting with kids is always a bit of a challenge when one wants to swim and the other wants to stay away from the pool. But, like 3 ducks, if one jumps in the pool, the other will eventually come as well. Laviesanne’s husband, Lucas, was their real spirit animal by removing the nose boogers from the kids noses and being the real assistant. The family shoot was a huge success and James’s highlight was jumping off the platform at least 20 times. He truly is the real adrenalin junky!

After a week full of sharing our story and what TET. stands for, the two shoots were a huge success showcasing the beautiful TET. X Laviesanne collection in a way that will also reflect Laviesanne. We hope that you like the collection as much as we do! Make sure to go check out the collection on our website and the fun content created by the one and only; Laviesanne.