THE Types Of Swimwear You Should Try On in 2020!!

Yeey! The summer is cominggggg. It’s time to shop for that new swimsuit. Not that easy actually. so many choices and different styles to choose from.

Let me help you look fabulous this year!

A new year with new swimwear trends that we are going to rock.

Let’s start!


  • A very important trend straight from the runway….
  • Tropical prints!! Get that jungle vibe going 😉
  • You see amazing colorful prints in all shapes and styles.
  • Take a look at our coral printed bikini and one piece.
  • It looks clean, fresh and tropical at the same time 🙂

When you can’t take the heat anymore, put your hair up with our cute crunchy in the same print… Matching!


It’s hard to ignore this trend in 2020… High waisted-bikini’s. Personally, I love this trend. It’s classic, you will look fabulous and sexy.

I would recommend the Carly Bottom in black and coral blue color. Super flattering, these briefs sit mid-high on the waist with minimal coverage at the back.

My personal favorite, a little bit edgier, is the banana color. And you should definitely match it with the top!


I can’t live without a one piece if I’m honest. It looks fabulous, and it’s so handy at the same time!!

On vacation when you are going to explore the village, the beach or chill at some nice bar at the beach, with this piece you are prepared for everything. You put a short or skirt on top and your look is complete already. So, when you suddenly decide to swim that day, you are ready as well!

So… There is no need for putting back on your t-shirt over your wet bikini top what I’m sure everyone hates 😉

Our Jacqueline one-piece is perfect! A nice stripe print that makes you look stunning and summer proof!



Who doesn’t want to look cute but sexy at the same time!? Well, I hope you all do! It’s a new trend ready for 2020, and a good combination to have as an appearance to your fellow vacationers. Check out our wave printed bikini. Cute, flirty and sexy!  ARE YOU READY FOR THE CUT?

Spring and summer 2020 is bound to be chock-full of cut-out swimsuits. 

Doesn’t matter if it is a bathing suit or a bikini, as long as it has cuts!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Say yes to Maria’s bottom 😉 It’s perfect to follow up with this trend.

And well hello, look at the lace-up top! It features an eyelet lace-up detail at the front, so you can either wear it classy or sexy, depends on how tight you knot it 😉



  • Everyone needs those basic style items in their closet! Always good!
  • TET. has the perfect options for a clean but strong look.
  • See the sea spray bathing suit and bikini.
  • Simple, but so stylish by the form that it’s been cut.

I hope you’ve been informed well so you can now buy your perfect swimwear set for summer 2020!!

Are you ready? Cause I am!