The moment for a new mission has started: Bikini shopping!!!

You’re going on a holiday or you’re already preparing for the good weather to return… Or you just can’t wait to buy those amazing new bikinis?! I totally get you! It’s never early enough to buy yourself some summer-proof items 😉

One problem I personally always have, and probably a lot of you as well… You love shopping online!! And who blames you? Online there is so much more choice, and you don’t have to search in every store to find your perfect swimsuit, you can just chill behind your laptop and see how it looks on the model in the pictures as well. What an easy life.

Plus, a lot of cool brands only have online webshops so you have no choice.

Ok, enough with all the positivity now 😉 Online bikini-shopping comes with risks. You never know for sure if it looks good on you, or if the quality is as good as you think. You shouldn’t just randomly buy bikinis online before doing some good research.

Yes, that is something you don’t want to waste your time on, so I did it for you!

And let’s be honest. Like many bikini’s or swimsuits you want to buy, you always have your favorite piece in which you feel the most comfortable or sexy because it just fits you so right!

I am that person that has like 10 different bikinis’, but only one is my favorite…

So, we can come to the conclusion that it is way better to buy just that one amazing item, the one that is of good quality so you can wear it as often as possible while swimming in the ocean or tanning at the pool!!!!

The next sentence I’m going to write deserves a caption mark…

tet 5 large


After doing some research I would suggest literally everyone to buy ethical swimsuits. Wouldn’t you feel so much more confident and sexy while tanning in that gorgeous swimsuit knowing it is also made of recycled plastic and helping our planet?!

So much clothing is made of bad quality (and still expensive) or it is made in a way that is so bad for the environment.    

Let’s stop supporting the bad and start supporting the good!

It is hard to believe that it is possible to make strong fabrics out of recycled plastic, but it is!!!

Take a look at the website and collection of TET. Swimwear! It is more than just looking at the collection, it is actually very interesting!!

You can read all the information about how the bikinis are made and about their vision and mission. After that, I immediately was excited to buy my bikini here, even before I saw the amazing new collection. So yeah, there is no turning back 😉

The new collection has different styles to offer so every type of girl has a good chance to find her perfect fit here. Don’t forget to look at the size chart, and nothing can go wrong!

Have fun online shopping!!!! Let’s hope I was a good help in (bikini) need 😉