Ways to wear our yoga collection.

Hey babes !

Have you already seen our new yoga collection? There are a lot of nice sets and shirts, but did you know that these sets are not only fun as a set, but also to combine. In this blog, I am going to show you a few nice looks from the latest collection. 

Number 1:

The collection called ‘She moves’ contains a very nice tank top with the text ‘namaste all damn day’. In addition to this super fun and also inspiring text, there are dolls in a yoga position around the text. How nice is that ?! This tank top can be combined with the yoga pants in the dashing leopard print. Match these with some cool sneakers and some nice accessories like a hat and you’re good to go!

 Number 2:

As a second look, I show you how you can combine TETs swimwear with the new collection! It’s super nice to wear a sweater over your bikini on a balmy summer evening. The Siddah sweater in the color forest green can be worn super nice on the Hermina bottom, which is also in the color forest green. Combine this again with some accessories and you are ready for the best summer evenings!


Number 3:


Arriving at the third look I will show you something that is not really well known in the sports world, namely flared yoga pants. This one is incredibly beautiful (if I say so myself) and super fun to style with the sports bra for some extra support. Bare feet underneath, your hair nice and loose and you can start a wonderful day full of yoga. An advantage of the flared yoga pants is also that it is nice and loose at the bottom so that you can move freely.


Number 4:


To stay in the swimwear with yoga for a while, I have another super nice combination. For example, the new collection includes a T-shirt with a text that tells the story of TET. For example, this shirt says’ love doesn’t make me cry. Ocean pollution does. ‘ This nice shirt can be worn with so much because the shirt is white with black text. Style this look with the Doulas bottom in zebra white, put on a nice kimono, and wear a hat to top it off and you will shine on the beach!


Number 5:

Because we are so in love with the flared yoga pants, we have another very nice look with them. Together with the sports bra with the same print as the pants, this is super fun to wear, but a T-shirt can also be worn over this set. In addition to our ocean pollution shirt, we also have a super cute white T-shirt with the same ‘namaste all damn day’ print as the tank top from the first look. Put this over the sports bra and you have a super nice look. In addition to the fact that this look can be worn while exercising, you can also wear it for a shopping afternoon, for example, because the flared pants are also super fashionable!

Number 6:

To conclude, we show the great jogging set. This super nice sweater with matching sweatpants is definitely not to be missed. They are available in black and forest green and are definitely my personal favorite! Even when it’s a little bit hotter outside, you can wear the sweatpants with one of the t-shirts or as I showed you in look 2, you can wear the sweater with some swimwear for example. Don’t you want these in your wardrobe too?

We love to hear what your favorites are !

X Team TET