Working from home tips.

Hi hard-working babes!

As you know, there is a virus that is taking over our entire lives right now. We in the Netherlands are advised to work from home if possible. Now I thought, let me give you some tips on how you can best work from home and how you can best plan your day at home ! 


Plan your day:

The best thing is that you plan your day as you always do. Set your alarm for the normal time, get up and use your usual routine to stay in the work atmosphere.

Take a short break often:

In this way you are not constantly focused on your work and your work is therefore easier to sustain.

Move enough:

It is nice to move and change posture now and then. This is good for yourself and you can also get something to drink !


If sufficient contact is maintained with other colleagues and your manager, good agreements can be made about who does what and there will be no misunderstandings. To also have fun social contact, you can also choose to have a drink online on Friday afternoon. Have a nice chat with your wine behind the laptop about something other than work. This can be very relaxing during this ‘stressed’ period.


Desk setup:

Try to match chair and table height so that your arms are in a relaxed position. This is best done with your elbows up or just above table height. This way you sit most relaxed and you also prevent that after a longer period of time you suffer from your back or neck or shoulders, for example. 

Working standing up:

Occasional standing work provides variety from sitting for long periods. Perhaps you can create a standing workstation by making a (temporary) desk at elbow height. Sitting can of course also be alternated with standing or walking calling. This again provides the necessary variety so that you can avoid physical complaints.

Get them feet up !:

Try to adjust the chair so that your feet are supported by the ground or a footstool (or a pack of printer paper, for example). Knees should be almost level with your hips. This way your legs and feet are not in an uncomfortable position, so that your back remains happy!

Maybe some have TET. readers have children. I have also thought of you to give some useful tips!

Sleepy times:

See what activities you can do when your children are taking an afternoon nap or still sleeping in the morning. If necessary, work part of it in the evening, but keep in mind that you also have time to relax yourself. Consider, for example, taking a bath or a date night with your love!

Attention please ! :

Adjust your working hours during the day to activities with your family (for example having breakfast and lunch together). Schedule time in between to play with your children. This way your children have the necessary attention that they demand from you when you are busy and you also have something else to do than just work.

Rules !:

Draw up play and work rules with your children and write them down on a large sheet of paper. This way your children know where they stand and what they can and cannot do while you are at work. This way you have a little order in the house. 

Hopefully these tips will help you and you will survive working at home a little better this way! When working from home you want to sit a bit relaxed, so why not choose TET’s sweater with sweatpants! Another free tip!


X Team TET.