World Ocean Day: What can you do to protect the ocean #2

The ocean covers more than 70% of our planet. Moreover, it produces half of the world’s oxygen! However, human activities pushed oceans to their limit. The biggest reasons are overfishing, plastic pollution, climate change and rising sea levels. On June 8th it is World Oceans Day. But in fact, everyday should be Oceans day. Last week we wrote about what you can do as a individual to save the ocean. This week we will tell you about some initiatives to save the ocean together.

“pick up three”

When you leave the beach (but also the park or other local place) take 3 pieces of rubbish with you. There is a special action page for this with a lot of information en the possibility to donate or join. If everyone is doing the “pick up three” all the time we will make a big different.

“Beach clean-up”

From Juli-Aug there will be a beach clean-up in The Netherlands. You can join in every way you want. The route will be from Den Helder to Scheveningen and from Cadzand to Scheveningen. On their website you can find the exact date en time when en where they will be. Join them and make the beach cleaner!

On the 12th of September the Eneco Clean Beach Cup (supported bij Sunweb) will take place. This is een yearly taken beach clean-up. It is a free event in Belgium and The Netherlands. Besides the cleaning there will also be other activities with as main goal to create awareness for the sea and the plastic pollution.

On the beaches in Scheveningen you can get a “Juttas” at the beachclubs. Enjoy your stroll on the beach and pick up any trash you’ll see. Give the Jut tas filled with trash to the beachclub and enjoy your thankyou at the beachclub. A win-win situation.

TET. Responsible wear primary focus is to build a brand that effectively tackles debris reduction, particularly the plastic that litters the sea. All of our swimwear is crafted from Repreve – an innovative, high-quality performance fabric that’s made from plastic waste.

Save the Ocean with TET.